Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small, usually randomly encoded, text files that help your browser navigate through a website. The cookie file is generated by the site you’re browsing and is accepted and processed by your computer’s browser software. The cookie file is stored in your browser’s folder or subfolder.

Your browser accesses the cookie file again when you visit the website that created the cookie file. The browser uses the information stored in the cookie file to help ease your navigation of the website by letting you log in automatically or remembering settings you selected during your earlier visits to the website, among many other functions. Cookies are not programs and therefore can’t contain viruses or other malicious software.  For more detailed information on cookies, please visit

To enhance your shopping experience and to ensure our site works fully for you we recommend cookies are enabled.

Here’s how they work

Cookies used on do the following:

  • Store some details about your shopping basket as you proceed through the site.
  • Enable you to ‘log in’ to your account so you can see information relating to your orders and manage your account.
  • Record the areas in our site you have visited and for how long as well as which products you viewed, purchased. We use this to help us improve our website so that it’s easy to use and so we can improve the services we provide.

Are they harmful?

They don’t harm your computer
They don’t contain any information which could be used to identify you personally
They don’t contain any confidential details such as your email address or payment details

Can I turn cookies off?

We use cookies to make our website easier to use and so we can provide the best possible service. They’re an essential part of how our website works.

If you choose to block cookies on your browser, you will not be able to add items to your shopping basket, proceed to checkout, or use any account features that require you to sign in

Because cookies allow you to take advantage of essential features of this website, we recommend that you accept the settings.

If you do leave cookies turned on, be sure to sign off when you finish, especially when using a shared computer.

If you would prefer us not to store cookies on your computer, you can change the settings on your website browser. You can find out how to do this in the ‘help’ section of your browser, via the menu bar. If you choose to turn cookies off we can’t check the website is working properly for you and you will not be able to purchase on 

How can I manage cookies?

The Help menu in most common browsers will tell you:

  • How to prevent your browser from accepting new cookies
  • How to have the browser notify you when you receive a new cookie
  • How to disable cookies altogether

Further information on managing, deleting or controlling cookies is available at:

If have any questions relating to use of cookies on, please contact us

Cookies used on

The cookies we use help us to enhance you shopping experience and are 100% safe and secure and we recommend they are switched on.  An explanation of the cookies used on is below:

Essential cookies

These cookies, normally website cookies, are used for essential website functionality and making sure essential features, like the shopping basket, work as they should.

Cookie names and purposes

  • CookieConsent.Accepted – This cookie tells us that you have acknowledged that we will use cookies, and prevents the cookie consent bar from appearing again.
  • .ASPXAUTH      – This cookie lets us know that you have logged in, and who you are.
  • ASP.NET_SessionId      – This cookie tells the server who you are between pages, so that pages requested aren’t seen as independent requests but part of a string of requests – every person visiting the site has a unique session ID, this only lasts for as long as the current visit. The cookie expires at the end of a browsing session.
  • __RequestVerificationToken      – This cookie is part of our site security, and is designed to protect our website against malicious form post attack, the cookie expires at the end of a browser session.

3rd party cookies include:

  • Google – These cookies are used by Google to provide different Google services for the user and to collect anonymous data about the user – you can find out more about how Google use cookies at: 
  • Webgains affiliate tracking  – These cookies enable us to track referrals from our affiliate partner sites.
  • We work with a third party called Smarter Click. They set a cookie to track the products you look at on our site, in order to serve targeted advertising on the wider web.  They store that information against an anonymous user ID rather than anything which identifies you personally.
  • You can opt out of this targeted advertising at the YourOnlineChoices website.