All About Us

everyone can get closer to the music… – is online music store in the UK. We are pleased to offer you music in all its forms and possibilities. Despite the obvious convenience of digital content, we are confident that our customers still love physical media, listening to music on turntables, and also want to create their own unique collection of music. On our website you will find an extensive catalog of recordings in various formats, including vinyl records, cassettes and CDs. We have not forgotten about the video performances, they are available on DVD.

We select the catalog by hand, so every week we publish new items by category and hundreds of genres. Despite the size of the catalog, we hope you won’t have a hard time searching by titles, because we have provided many filters and smart searches, including search by barcode. This allows you to find exactly what you need and be sure of it. This is especially true for exclusive editions of particular value to collectors. For our customers, we are ready to offer fast delivery, as well as free shipping from £ 20. If you want to get closer to music, you are in good company!